What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick? (20+ Color Themes 2023)

What Color Siding goes With Red Brick

What color siding goes with red brick? Red bricks are versatile and can be paired with several amazing colors. They never give a boring or old vibe. Pick colors according to place and personality. Adding dark colors in very warm areas is not good.

Red brick exteriors are getting more popular because of their durability, low maintenance, and attraction. For their insulating power, they are commonly used in extremely cold areas.

Plan your house exterior very carefully. One bad decision may ruin your whole house looks. The post has a covered color combination for the red brick exterior and some tips for sliding colors.

What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick House?

Let’s look at cool siding ideas for the red brick exterior. I hope you love them.

1. Sage Choice

Sage Siding With Red Brick

Green sage gives your house a curb appeal. It blends well with the surrounding lush green trees. This tradition was common fifty years back, and it is again trending.

2. Gray Sidings

Gray Siding With Red Brick

This popular neutral gray is widely used in interior and exterior themes. Gray coloring stabilizes and balances your exterior design. Adding red bricks with gray enlightens the brick’s flashy designs.

3. Colonial Prestige

Colonial prestige is the perfect example of modern homes, and it will enhance the beauty of your home. White columns around clean red bricks and gray-brown siding create an impressive look.

Colonial Prestige with Red Brick

4. Warm Sienna

Pastel peach siding and black trimming provide a warm impression. This kind of entrance offers fairy tale vibes to your sweet home.

5. Home Heart Siding

It brings out the beauty of red bricks, adding a scheme close to brick shades. You can consider fawn brown for the entry path. Alternating the area will give you a stunning entrance appearance in brown.

6. Blue Dashes

Blue Siding With Red Brick

A shade of blue on the sidings adds dimension and highlights the home’s beauty. The two colors, instead of the clash, complete each other. Blues from the sky color palate are full of life, maintaining the house’s beauty.

7. Yellow Sidings

Bright and light yellow with orange-red bricks is a great consideration. Yellow makes you feel spacious, like sunshine in the middle of the garden. Furthermore, the deep dark shade on the front door and energetic green bushes create such amazing scenery.

8. Charcoal Black

Charcoal Black Siding With Red Brick

Contrasting red brick with charcoal black sidings is classic for the perfect modern look. Black makes green bushes more bright and prominent. This dark shade creates a mysterious mood and adds decorative detail to your art plan.

9. Dollhouse Sidings

Try some pink pastels to transform your exterior into a dollhouse for your little doll. Add white sidings with faded red bricks that are too close to pink. It gives a new and clear house look.

10. Taupe Sidings

Taupe Siding With Red Brick

For warmth inviting scheme, try natural taupe sidings with white window borders. It’s not a nude, but lighter than brown is the perfect pick for your red brick exterior.

11. Sage Green Sidings

Sage Green Siding With Red Brick

Sage green is popular for complimenting red brick walls. This lovely scheme balance the drama of the red and green combo. Green is an eye-catchy and quite cool option for you.

12. Bold Red

Bold Red Siding With Red Brick

Unleash your personality with bold red siding along with red bricks. Painting red with faded red bricks gives a cohesive, comprehensive, and bold exterior that comes close to your personality.

13. Marigold Sidings

Brighten your house and make it spacious with marigold’s yellow tone. If you want to avoid going bold, this will pay warmth and an attractive appearance without getting too aggressive.

Marigold Siding with Red Brick

14. Natural Clay Sidings

Consider clay’s natural color if you want full shade in the house. However, off-white is better than tan but still ad charm to the place and shows your exterior decor taste.

Natural Clay Siding with Red Brick

15. Light Coffee Brown Sidings

Brown is a deep, versatile, warm shade that pairs well with vibrant orange-red shade walls. This natural color fits perfectly with all. Using light coffee brown make your home nice and simple but not boring.

16. Navy Blue Sidings

Navy Blue Siding With Red Brick

Red bricks with navy blue sidings add a modern, classy look, and this cool contrast creates a cohesive flow. These dark shadings pop up your red bricks.

17. Brick Oasis

Brick Oasis Siding With Red Brick

For medium to dark red bricks light blue shade is highly recommended. This soothing color usually matches the pool. This combo is perfect for a relaxing and calming atmosphere and meditation poolside.

18. Cedar Sidings

Keep solid colors away, and try color stains for rooftops and sidings. Cedar color stain is rich and warm and brings out the home design. You can only use this or add light shades for a peaceful atmosphere.

19. Cucumber Cool Sidings

Cucumber Cool Siding With Red Brick

Only green feel overwhelmed; try the cool cucumber scheme. Add a few black bricks with red and go towards low-intensity green for a sophisticated look.

20. Skimmed White Milk

Skimmed Milk Siding With Red Brick

Skimmed milk sidings create incredible results with red bricks. This mild-toned tinted white is perfect for an earthy palate. This gives some yellow shades that provide a neutral depth to the home.

21. Greige Siding

Greige Siding With Red Brick

Designers recommend greige paint color with red bricks for a charming blend. It gives a warm and classic look, and the combo excels in historical and traditional architecture.

22. Stark White

Stark White Siding with Red Brick

How to Choose the Perfect Siding Color for Your Redbrick Home

Now you have an answer, what color siding goes with red brick? You have read amazing color trends that complement red bricks, but some may still need clarification about color schemes. Here are secret tips and tricks you must consider before choosing siding colors:

  • Pick the color that makes brick shine. Please don’t go for dark colors. They give dirty looks.
  • Colors look lighter three times outdoors. Visit homes for better exploration. And compare them with your expectations.
  • Check your neighborhood with red bricks.
  • Consult professionals and get their opinion.

Conclusion – What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick

What color siding goes with red brick? Red bricks are versatile and easy to maintain. Red bricks can be paired well with a variety of colors. It doesn’t mean you can add any color to the palate. House exterior is the representative, and one bad decision has a big impact.

In this article, we have covered all the fascinating siding designs for red brick. Make your decision according to your taste and beautify your comfort zone.

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