What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite? 21 Exquisite Pairs

What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

What color paint goes with brown granite? Color paint selection is indecisive, especially for kitchens. It is the place where a slight change creates a huge impact. Be very careful during the kitchen color scheme.

Some experts say adding dark colors with brown granite is more dramatic. On the other side, some think adding complementary colors is amazing. But brown granite fits the color that your space and eye feel perfect.

If you want to color your kitchen walls and cabinets but are confused about what color paint goes with brown granite? We have exhilarating pairs and some secrets you should know before painting the kitchen. Let’s explore!

What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite?

Getting ready for the kitchen renovation, but don’t know what color paint goes with brown granite? Don’t worry; we feel you. You can easily select colors for your kitchen with our color guide and color psychology.

You are lucky if you have a brown granite countertop or floor because it’s versatile and stain resistant. It beautifully pairs up with a variety of colors. Let’s explore a list of colors to make your brown granite pop.

1. Brown granite with White

Brown granite with White paint

Brown granite adds warmth touch to the kitchen, accessorized with white appliances. White color gives a spacious and airy feel to your place.

Keep in mind all brown granite doesn’t go with all-white shades. Charcoal brown granite looks fantastic with black cabinets, and light brown granite pairs well with creamy white cabinets.

2. Brown granite with Honey Oak

Brown granite with Honey Oak

Walls with a honey oak shade give a cozy, comfortable look if paired with brown granite. It brings out a warm tone and brightens your rooms and kitchens. It’s also recommended as it makes small spaces feel spacious.

3. Brown granite with Orange

Brown granite with Orange - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Opposite attracts, Orange being warm and vibrant, goes well with brown granite giving a cool and earthy look. The combination provides a complementary contrast. Brown granite never goes outdated.

Use light Orange or peachy shades to create brightness. Consider dark or burnt orange shades if you want bolder and more daring shades.

4. Brown granite with Green

Brown granite with Green - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite
What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Green cabinets and walls with brown granite bring a cool natural atmosphere. Use green shade for extra refreshing look and dark green cabinets for dramatic kitchens. Stainless steel appliances go great with brown granite. Green is the best choice for making granite countertops shiny.

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5. Brown granite with Yellow

Brown granite with Yellow

Add yellow curtains, rugs, and models with brown granite to pop up your kitchen. Yellow brightens the place and makes it cozy and more inviting. Yellow adds beauty to stone and its refinement.

6. Brown granite with Blue

Brown granite with Blue - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Blue color goes with brown granite. Brown color depicts the earth and its love, while Blue symbolizes water, the sky, and calmness. Combining them creates a feeling of harmony and balance.

Blues also soften the kitchen look and coolly impact guests. blue has many shades to pick from; don’t make your kitchen look untidy by choosing a mismatched shade.

7. Brown granite with Black

Brown granite with Black - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Black is neutral and pairs pretty well with all shades. It is one of the trendy options that always stay relevant. For a stressless and sophisticated look, black with brown granite is the perfect combo.

Black cabinets with earthy brown granite countertops give a bolder statement. Black is durable because it attracts fewer scratches and fingerprints.

8. Brown granite with Hale Navy

Brown granite with Hale Navy

These darker shades of blue give a busy kitchen look if not properly arranged. Talk to interior designers if you want to add hale navy in your place with the appropriate ratio.

This deep scheme can be better as it easily conceals stains. This dark shade gives a lovely space if used cautiously.

9. Brown granite with Knoxville Gray

Brown granite with Knoxville Gray - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Consider Knoxville gray with brown granite for a modern kitchen look with cool and calm colors. It’s a versatile choice that neutralizes your dark backsplash.

This combo of Black and white gives your kitchen personality without darkening the theme.

10. Brown granite with White Dove

Brown granite with White Dove - What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite

Doves, the symbol of love, unity, and peace, make your kitchen an ideal modern masterpiece. White cabinets make your small kitchen look bigger while neutralizing the large place.

Creamy white reflect natural and artificial light, enlightening the beauty of small spaced areas.

11. Brown granite with Kendall Charcoal

Brown granite with Kendall Charcoal

Charcoal shade from Kendal charcoal with brown granite countertop gives an elegant look to your kitchen. Use this for cabinets or for walls to create a civilized kitchen look.

Kendall charcoal gives warmth and richness to your space and pairs up easily with any color from the palate.

12. Brown granite with Aegean Teal

Brown granite with Aegean Teal

A mixture of brown and Green gives depth and dimension to any kitchen. This tropical mix gives a colorful and vibrant touch to the space. Enhances the Appearance of the place by adding colorful backsplash tiles.

13. Brown granite with Gray Cashmere

Gray gives a brighter and more sophisticated look to your space. Add a brown granite countertop with gray cashmere cabinets or walls to create natural warmth and a modern smooth look.

14. Brown granite with Mustard Yellow

Brown granite with Mustard Yellow

If you want to know what color paint goes with brown granite? Go for some yellow. Mustard yellow goes well with brown granite countertops. It is vibrant, brighter, and grabs attention in your house. Consider mustard yellow for an airy, broad, and striking look.

15. Brown granite with Olive

The green color of any shade gives a kitchen refresh look. Olive color pop up with smooth brown granite. Artis considers this a perfect scheme for bathroom and kitchen renovations.

16. Brown granite with Jojoba

Brown granite with warm gold jojoba beautifies and adds style to any place. It is widely used in kitchen countertops, flooring, and backsplashes. Consider this cool color before getting any paint for cabinets.

This is one of the longest-lasting paint, with zero chipping issues.

17. Brown granite with Ipanema

This deep brown with subtle red and golden tones is under the limelight these days. This is the perfect combo. Remember to try this for the next home renovation season.

18. Brown granite with Sparrow

Brown granite with Sparrow

Cute sparrow color tones pair well with brown granite countertops, backsplashes, and floors. This versatile range gives an elegant and earthy look. You can go for brighter pop to neutralize the Appearance.

19. Brown granite with Wenge

Brown granite with Wenge

The granite countertop with wenge cabinet and walls creates a classy look. This dark cocoa color is rich and warm and compliments brown granite nicely. Both colors look great together.

20. Brown Granite with Pink

Brown Granite with Pink

Granite with pink touch gives terrific results when utilized in cabinets with brown granite shelves or countertops. It provides an earthy natural look that comes with all granite shades. It has a spacious, elegant effect.

21. Brown Granite with Burgundy and Reds

Brown Granite with Burgundy

These two are close partners on the color wheel, as brown granite is versatile. So red and burgundy, both color patterns give a comfortable homeful look.

I hope you’ve found your answer: what color paint goes with brown granite? You can always try contrasting and shade colors for the kitchen themes.

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Factors to Consider Before Picking a Color Paint

Selecting color paints from a tremendous range is an arduous task. One must consider the following points before deciding on colors. Let’s have a look:

Age accordance: Always focus on age. Choose vibrant and popping color paints for children while sophisticated and dark themes for adults.

Expectations: Keep in mind your expectations. Some places in the home need two-toned color paints, so go according to the area’s requirements.

Moods: Prepare space according to inhabitants. Lively and bolder souls must go for fuchsia, red and orange shades. On the other hand, shy personalities should pick Shy Bather, Bleedwood, and Parp Green.

Space factor: Don’t use darker themes for small-spaced areas. They make them off.

Suggestions for Painting Granite Countertop

Painting over granite is an arduous task. Here are some precious tips and tricks for effective results:

  1. After color selection, remember to consult a professional. It will help a lot.
  2. Deep focus on what you are doing.
  3. Utilize numerous colors to add depth and dimensions to your work. Choose colors like yellow, green, and brown.
  4. Pour wet paint on a sponge and then paint your granite to avoid color drippings.
  5. Separate the required colors before starting the task so you can’t get puzzled during work.

Choosing a Wall Color that Goes with Brown Granite Countertops

The kitchen is full of cabinets, backsplash, and windows, which leaves a small portion of a wall to color on. Don’t worry if your kitchen is one of them. For a large kitchen with several walls, choose the wall wisely.

1. White Walls

Painting walls white with white cabinets and brown granite countertops harmonize your kitchen. They make a neutral background.

2. Brown Walls

Brown walls with brown granite countertop natural, sophisticated look to your space. Any lighter shade of it contrasts well with your countertop.

3. Brick Red Walls

Red real brick walls create a warm and natural look. They pair well with any color cabinet and brown granite. Red brick would be fantastic with your brown granite countertop.

4. Beige Walls

The beige walls look amazing with the brown granite countertop. They create a soft and cozy vibe. Bring drama into your design with some modern and colorful backsplash. There is no good option than beige walls.

5. Dark Blue Walls

Go crazy with your brown granite and paint blue walls with your countertop. Beautify your kitchen with some blue art pieces and backsplash.

Choosing a Floor that Works with Your Brown Granite Countertop

Brown granite countertop pairs well with similar tone stones but lighter shades give amazing results. For wooden floors, natural wood shades harmonize the space. Try to use lighter shade granite with darker floors and dark granite with a soft wooden floor.

What About the Backsplash?

Try to add brown color tiles in your backsplash, with brown granite. Seek contrasting colors with countertops and walls to create a beautiful look. It’s also good to extend your brown granite to walls for a luxurious kitchen vibe, and it is inexpensive.

Use a glossy golden or silver backsplash for a neutral kitchen to level up your space. Paint your cabinets white and backsplash, too, for a cool monochromatic look, and let your brown granite shine.

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What Kinds of Brown Granite are Available?

You will surely get surprised to learn about different shades and tints of brown granite. The addition of numerous minerals gives them multiple beautiful shades. The colors make quite a difference when compared with others.

Let us know about different shades of brown granite.

1. Chestnut or Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown or chestnut brown granite is almost 60% brown, and the rest is red-black minerals in a light shade. This shade is easy to pair with other colors. A similar tone floor and tan brown granite work well with white cabinets.

This is traditional and famous and matches well with creamy cabinets.

2. Tropical Brown Granite

Like tan brown granite, tropical also has black addition with some shiny crystals that make it more attractive. Its color combo may perplex you only tip is to go with similar shades and avoid contrasting.

3. Baltic Brown Granite

A beautiful blend of brown and black with a tiny tan and gray combo. This color is easy to pair with floors and cabinets. Avoid natural or creamy white. It’ll give weird vibes. Go for natural wooden shade floors with baltic brown granite countertops and backsplash.

4. Majestic Brown granite

Majestic brown has an addition of tinted red minerals. Cherry mahogany and natural wooden cabinets go perfectly with his granite shade. Exquisite brown granite is the best option in interior design.

5. Antique Brown Granite

This chocolate brown granite pairs well with light paint, white, tan brown, or natural wooden floors. Dark brown cabinets with antique brown granite are preferred for a luxurious look.

6. Delicatus Brown Granite

This light brown granite comes from Brazil and has a burgundy, green, and caramel mix pattern. You can go for dark brown cabinets and wall paint, but the modern option is to pick light brown simple cabinets and floors.

7. Venetian Gold Granite

Venetian gold granite is a lighter shade with gray, red, and brown subtle veining. The shade pairs well with both light and dark cabinets and floor paints. Using a colorful backsplash will harmonize the space.


Brown granite is a famous stone because of its durability, versatility, easy maintenance, and expensive look. It is mostly used for countertops and flooring. What color paint goes with brown granite depends on the mood of the theme.

It can be combined with various colors and give fascinating results. Your personality matters greatly to opt for cool or warm shades for bedrooms or kitchens. This article helps you with easy color picking and the best match for your brown granite.

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