The Standard Door Handle Height for All Door Types

Door Handle Height

Door handle height is tricky to calculate. The majority of doors come pre-drilled with a doorknob hole. However, a hole is necessary for purchasing a slab or a blank entry. Slab or blank doors are more economical than ready-to-hang doors; you get to pick the hardware and finish.

A homeowner may measure, drill, and install a doorknob themselves. Don’t let this easy assignment frighten you. But what is the “standard” height for door handles?

This post will offer helpful information for anybody trying to construct a more inclusive and user-friendly place, from comprehending the significance of accessibility to figuring out the ideal height for your door handles.

How to Measure Door Handle Height?

Always measure from the bottom of the door for. No, from the ground. But from the door slab’s base itself. Measuring to the middle of the hole is the other challenging aspect for handle height measurement. To measure this distance accurately, you’ll need a good tape measure.

In other words, you take your measurement to the center of the circle that the door handle would fit inside. Although it might be challenging, you can usually “scrutinize” the measurement to the middle of the bore. You may measure to the top and bottom if you want to be precise and then apply the calculation to determine the center.

Standard Residential Handle Height

Handle height is not as rigidly controlled in home settings as in construction codes. However, it’s still crucial to take accessibility into account when mounting your door handles.

Residential doors should typically be 36 to 40 inches tall to accommodate a variety of users, recommended by many builders and architects.

Door Handle Height

This typical range of doorknob heights is intended to be easily reachable in an emergency and accessible to all persons, including those who use mobility aids, children, and older people.

You also need to consider the door handle’s style and design. Instead of a circular doorknob, choosing a door handle that is simple to operate, such as a lever handle, is crucial.

Handle Height of Door Shower

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that shower door knobs should be no higher than 54 inches from the floor and no lower than 48 inches. This might be for commercial use.

Door Handle Height

The shower door handle for residential use should be about 36″ from the bottom of the door, just like a typical bedroom door. Of course, 36″ from the finished floor is more accurate to describe it. Most individuals find it most comfortable to use a door handle at this point.

Residential Closet Handle Height

A closet door’s handle’s height resembles any other household door. The distance between the door knobs and the bottom of the door is generally 36″. However, they might be between 34 and 48 inches above the ground.

Door Handle Height

Residential Garage Handle Height

Compared to other door handle gadgets, the height of garage door handles can vary substantially. It will be challenging to utilize garage door knobs if they are higher than shoulder height. You’ll discover that handle heights between 32″ and about 48″ are sufficient.

Door Handle Height

Generally, a garage door handle should be around 36 inches above the ground. The majority of residential garage doors have this standard height. However, it might change based on the door’s manufacturer and design.

ADA Door Handle Height

The door handles for an ADA-compliant living space will likely be lower than most conventional door components. They must still be within 36 to 48 inches of the bottom of the door. Naturally, you must ensure that people with disabilities can still use the handle.

A unique criterion for ADA door handles is that they cannot be turned with more than five pounds of pressure. This ensures that the handle may be turned easily from any position. Of course, the convenience of using door handles over knobs makes them the better choice.

Door Height for Children

Consider adjusting the handle height depending on whether you want the kids to use that door. You may lower the door handle in a space expressly made for kids, like a playroom, so that they can open it independently.

Door Handle Height

Consider elevating the handle height in an area that you explicitly don’t want kids to be able to enter so that they have a more challenging time doing so. This may be done for a pantry where, for instance, you want to put medicines or cleaning materials.

Commercial Door Handle Height

Residential door handles must meet different standards than commercial door knobs. The hardware for door handles is set at a constant height, between 32″ and 48″ above the floor. There are certain specifications for the locking mechanisms, the closing speed, and the usability.

Door Knob or a Door Lever

Door levers and knobs each have a specific purpose. Your next door handles might be either a doorknob or a door lever. Here are some instances in which doorknobs or door levers can be helpful. You can choose between knobs and levers when changing your door handle.

In general, knobs are less expensive, making them a great choice if money is limited. Knobs also increase the security of your home and rooms since they are more difficult for kids or pets to open independently.

Door Handle Height

On the other hand, a lever can open the door with only your elbow if you tend to carry all your several bags at once. Levers are also more convenient for seniors with aching hands or weak grips.


Door handle height is essential, so remember the exact length when you drill for your handle. The typical size for door handles is 36 to 40 inches, but you can change this measurement per your requirement.

You can lessen the height for your child’s ease or increase it to avoid your pets or children opening the door quickly. Another factor is the selection of door knobs or door handles. You can use door handles as they are easy to manage for kids and all the people with less mobility.

I hope you have enjoyed the article. If you find it helpful, remember to share and send us feedback.

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